Friday, June 23

06-23-2023 Fortune Dance Party

Audiotree Presents:
8PM Doors | 9PM Show
Lincoln Hall

FORTUNE IS BACK AT LINCOLN HALL 🔮Pride Weekend 2023 – Friday, June
23rd at 8PM 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Join us for a dance party that prioritizes
you, your care, and your liberation.

Fortune is returning to Lincoln Hall for FANTASY 🪩 This time in
collaboration with Hournine collective to center black, queer, and
femme joy on the dance floor. Resident DJ’s Blesstonio & Zeetuslapetus
will be sharing space with Hournine’s resident DJ, CTRL ZORA, to
create a sonic journey that honors the history of dance culture and
nightlife while celebrating the beauty of movement in each of their
dynamic styles. Hosted by Kennedy 🦋

The theme is FANTASY. This is your moment to revel in who you’ve
always wanted to be. Come adorned in what makes you feel fantastical
and other-worldly – here, we support your magic and believe anything
is possible 🧜🏾‍♀️🧚🏿‍♀️🧙🏾‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧛🏾‍♀️👨🏾‍🎤

We are thrilled to run Fortune again at Lincoln Hall after an
electric, sold-out New Years Celebration in 2022!

Fortune is a party series founded in August of 2022 and quickly became
Chicago’s premier dance party for intentional, care-based nightlife.
Fortune proposes a radical model that centers dance as liberation,
community care, and holds brave and safe spaces for the TQLGB+, Femme,
NB, GNC, Black, IPOC, and disabled communities. Fortune’s mission is
founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to movement as a
cathartic release. Fortune was voted “2nd Best Dance Party of 2022” by
The Chicago Reader.

Hournine is a black femme-run collective whose top priority is to
uphold safe spaces for black and BIPOC femmes. Everyone is encouraged
to dance, create, and express themselves while remaining mindful to
move intentionally through these curated spaces.

Together, Fortune and Hournine are deeply committed to fulfilling
their shared mission to ensure that everyone is cared for, seen, and
celebrated. You can expect to be greeted by Fortune x Hournine staff
who graciously welcome you and walk you through our community care
guidelines: asking to limit phone use on the dance floor, the
availability of NARCAN, anti-spiking covers, safe-sex supplies, ear
plugs, dedicated community members available inside to assist you, and
zero tolerance for any violent, racist, transphobic, sexist, ableist,
or discriminatory behavior.

Come with the intention to move – where for a night, Fantasy becomes
reality on the dancefloor.

Antonio Robles Levine (@Blesstonio) is a Chicago-based DJ, classically trained musician, event/music producer, and dancer. Antonio is fascinated with club culture and has spent years studying and curating events in Chicago and Santa Barbara. His multicultural Puerto Rican, Black, and Jewish backgrounds lend him an attuned, eclectic ear ready to sonically compel audiences and create electric and magnetic dance floor experiences. As a club dancer committed to fostering an inclusive, dance-focused environment, Antonio believes in the legacies of clubs and dance floors as brave spaces for “queerness, blackness, transgression, community, inclusivity, freedom, liberation, inspiration, and radical joy” (Honey Dijon), where dancers and DJs are equal, active participants in protecting these sacred spaces of movement. Antonio is the co-founder and resident DJ of Fortune, a party series that centers dance as liberation and holds a safe space for the TQLGB+, Femme, Non Binary, BIPOC, and disabled communities.

Antonio was nominated in the Chicago Reader’s 2022 “Best of List” for Best House Music DJ. Fortune won 2nd place in The Chicago Reader’s Best Dance Party category.

Antonio currently holds DJ residencies at Lincoln Hall, Podlasie Club, Blind Barber, and The Charleston. He has played shows at smartbar, metro, The California Clipper, EXPO CHICAGO, House Calls, Easy Does It, Berlin Nightclub, and The Promontory. He was an honorary guest DJ at the Frankie Knuckles Tribute (Sept 2022) in partnership with The Chicago House Music Festival, DCASE, Rebuild Foundation, and The Frankie Knuckles Foundation.

Shō Daniels (@zeetuslapetus) has been described by the Chicago Reader as an “Intergalactic Funk DJ”. They were voted “Top 3 House Music DJs of 2022” by the Chicago Reader. The Chicago based entertainer, who has a background in stand up, sketch comedy, producing, video editing and Irish dancing, is an up and coming performer who loves to fill spaces with laughter, joy, and rhythmic dancing. They are a non binary, afro indigenous queer person who loves to celebrate the differences in others. They have performed for CIVL fest in Millennium Park, nightlife spaces like Berlin, Cole’s, Cafe Mustache, Golden Dagger, etc. They were recently featured in the Chicago Reader in their Iconic People Issue. Shō is a person who makes people feel safe and excited to be out at events because they have been a childlike joy that is infectious and welcoming. They’ve produced remixes for bands like Chicago based HEET DETH, made mixes for Rumors Chicago, they host their own talk show titled “Enjoy the Shō”, their own radio show “Blast Off with Zeetus Lapetus” on Beloved Radio, and the limitless Fortune. They hope that Fortune can continue to make people feel included, liberated and appreciated.

CTRL Zora @ctrlzora is a genderqueer music curator, singer, black femme event collective @hour.nine cofounder, and DJ coming out of the DIY scene of Chicago. Zora aims at contributing to keeping the electronica dance scene alive through house, techno, world music and more. Paying homage to the history and liberation of music within communities of color across genres is their central focus, alongside perpetuating the tradition of house music in its originator, Chicago, by black and queer culture, alongside spearheading activism efforts to preserve venues in its likeness. Zora has frequently played venues like the Post Chicago, Podlasie Club, The Lodge, Celeste, Movement Detroit afterparties, and various venues throughout the city and beyond. Zora infuses their own spiritual associations with music with intention to create an energy that can bring somatic healing not only to them, but their listeners as well. Quick to reach from the archives alongside blending with its modern reiterations, Zora shares their open love letters to music and mutual sonic communion with every crowd.

This show is at Lincoln Hall

Building Image
Lincoln Hall

2424 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 525-2501

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