Sunday, January 29

01-29-2023 Folie + Fraxiom + Forget Basement

Audiotree Presents:
7:30PM Doors | 8PM Show

whoTF are a Chicago-based electronic super-duo consisting of pop experimentalist Folie and industrial darkwave artist Forget Basement. Meeting in late 2021, the two instantly hit it off creatively and have been effortlessly fusing their sounds to create some of the most compelling electronic music coming out of the Chicago electronic scene. Their debut track “Wendy Carlos”, which features frequent collaborator and Chicago-based pop sensation Fraxiom, was released in November of 2022 via PC Music signee Umru’s label SONG Music LLC and was met with nothing short of high praise. The Chicago Reader described the track as “whimsically intense”. If you’re not at the whoTF show, where TF are you?

“As pop stardom takes on its new cloak of self-expression, individualism, and limitless creative freedom, not a single act fits its ideal superstar image better than Fraxiom.

The 23-year-old Massachusetts-raised pop phenom now finds themself molding the future of music in Chicago day by day; taking a creative approach to their craft that is rooted in nothing else but their own intuition, their own inspirations, and their true definition of who they are as a person.Whether it’s through setting the highest example for non-binary musicians to follow in truly portraying themselves through their art, or through just how effective their self-aware, full of life, and entirely accelerating approach to pop music is in its own right, Fraxiom embodies all that the phrase “the future of music” could ever stand for today. And for someone as naturally uplifting and soft-spirited as they are, all of these things come naturally when combined with their immense creative talents.With their new album on the horizon, it seems as though this decade’s next premiere pop icon is making their mark as early as can be. While they already made this clear enough with a breakout 2020 – both on their own and alongside best friend Gupi as a part of “Food House” – the sheer promise this new project holds cements 2023 as the year where pop’s coming future is brought into the limelight by its most defining single act.”
– Billie Bugara

This show is at Schubas

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3159 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-2508