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He was still in high school when he decided to skip class to show up unannounced at EMI Records/Parlophone in Copenhagen. Christopher solely played and performed a number of his own unrecorded songs letting his talent shine for the label executives who were instantly blown away by the 19-year-old singer and rewarded his chutzpah by signing him on the spot!

In some parts of the world, this story might sound like a cliché but for a small Nordic country like Denmark — a homogenous unit to the so-called Law of Jante: “You’re not to think you’re anyone special” — Christopher was anything but a cliché. If modesty was the rule rather than the expectation, the young man entering a world known major label with the power of his voice, go-getter attitude and a confident big smile on his face was indeed the unexpected.

Looking back on 2010, and to understand the cultural perspective and musical history at the time, the decade to come was going to be a game-changer. The classic “guitar”-festivals were still to embrace the world of pop following the controversy of Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury in 2008. Lady Gaga had only just begun breaking down the walls of prejudice making way for a rainbow-colored generation through music while Justin Bieber’s fame was inevitable but the credible recognition as a mainstream artist was still years ahead…

Ironically, ‘Against the Odds’ (2010) was the title of the debut single by Christopher — an artist who would speak up, stand out and take the stage — and own it — as one of the biggest, best-selling, most streamed, adored and loved pop stars to ever come out of Denmark!

The acoustic feel on ‘Against the Odds’ was inspired by songwriting heroes like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson — significant artists from the 00’s who made a just 12-year-old kid from the suburbs of Copenhagen pick up the guitar and dream of huge stages and fans all over the world. ‘Against the Odds’ proved a massive hit amongst the youth along with the official video becoming one of the first ever viral hits in Denmark leading to a prestigious Danish Music Award as “Innovator of the Year” presented by Spotify in 2012.

Innovative, naïve and confident, Christopher believed in his own goals and dreams while streaming and YouTube rapidly shaped the new reality of music.

The long-awaited debut album, ‘Colours’ (2012), went straight into the Top-5 while reviews praised a promising new talent. Even though Christopher felt the pressure, opinions and prejudice from the critics he was to prove them wrong by public demand!

The sophomore album, ‘Told You So’ (2014), introduced a “hands-in-the-air” feel and new funky sounds with several hit singles including the title track, ‘Crazy,’ ‘CPH Girls’ and of course, ‘Twerk It Like Miley’ from the Deluxe Edition of the album. The club-inspired track — originally performed by the Copenhagen-based American rapper, Brandon Beal — was a viral party hit clocking up more than 250 million views. Eventually, the campaign of ‘Told You So’ was highlighted by none less than three Danish Music Awards including “Best Pop” and the MTV EMA for “Best Danish Artist” — but the adventure to come was way beyond the European borders.

Written on his beloved acoustic guitar, the songs on ‘Closer’ (2016) were a departure from portraying the outgoing and slightly superficial world of being young. ‘Closer’ was Christopher’s first take on real life — his own story and songs of courage and development as a human being. Despite massive success with his previous albums, third time’s a charm, and ‘Closer’ went straight to #1 on the official Danish Album Chart!

The album featured nothing but six singles including international collaborations with Matoma and Madcon while the news of a Danish pop sensation began to spread all over the World. ‘Tulips’ and ‘Heartbeat’ hit the charts in Asia and his breakthrough was recognized when he won “Most Promising International Artist” at the Chinese Music Awards in 2015.

In 2016 he toured the region for the first time and has returned frequently ever since — a joy for the tight-knit community of fans selling out venues and tours in a matter of minutes. Across countries like South Korea, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, Christopher has become a multi-platinum selling artist with a remarkable hit-record of 12 #1-hits on the official Chinese QQ Music Chart.

By the end of 2018, Christopher had ramped up an international career with almost 1 billion streams worldwide! He also won his second MTV EMA for “Best Danish Artist” and yet another title as “Most Promising International Artist” at the SCTV Awards in Indonesia. The three-year hiatus from releasing new music was spent on the road, promoting his music across Europe and Asia while touring and selling out shows everywhere and headlining the biggest Summer festivals of Denmark.

Behind the scenes, Christopher worked tirelessly on what would become another chart-breaker! The much-anticipated release of ‘Under the Surface’ (2019) spawned more than 100 million streams on Spotify alone and the three singles, ‘Bad,’ ‘My Heart’ and ‘Irony,’ made Christopher the most played artist on Danish radio in 2019.

The international career continued with ‘Bad Boy’ (2020) — a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed South-Korean artist, CHUNG HA, claiming another successful #1-hit single in the region. The duo teamed up again for the pop-nostalgic 2022-single, ‘When I Get Old.’

On a more personal level, new life unfolded for Christopher when he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Cecilie Haugaard, and eventually became the father of two.

The global pandemic, COVID-19, was a much-needed break for the pop star who had been working non-stop for a decade. As for many others, the lockdown of 2020 entailed reflection and Christopher used the uncertain days and nights on what was certain: fatherhood and family.

The final result was his 5th studio album, ‘My Blood’ (2021) — guided by the powerful personal love story of lead single ‘Ghost’ (said to be about Cecilie “ghosting” him for ages before going on a date) the album process was more stable compared to the previous hit-hunting, creating more time for the details and more time for thoughtfulness.

‘Ghost’ went to #1 on the official Airplay Chart and was the most played Danish song on radio in 2020. The album was launched with the release of ‘Fall So Hard’ (2021) — a song about optimism and change, celebrating the cliché of becoming a dad for the first time and a subsidiary person in your own life. ‘Fall So Hard’ followed in the footsteps of ‘Ghost’ and for the second year in a row, Christopher could celebrate having the most played Danish hit on air.

In the autumn of 2022, Christopher could finally reveal that he was up for a new challenge with his first ever leading role as an actor in ‘A Beautiful Life.’ Shooting the film with acclaimed director, Mehdi Avaz, was obviously very exciting for the 31-year-old musician. However, the difference between playing the character of the sensitive fisherman, Elliot, and being a pop star in person wasn’t too big after all.

Not only was it the first ever leading role for the Danish international singer but Christopher is also the voice and songwriter of the original soundtrack for the movie that launched globally on Netflix, June 1st. The aspiring actor highlighted the movie reviews for his trustworthy performance and during the premiere-week, ‘A Beautiful Life,’ charted as the #1 movie on Netflix, globally, hitting the Top 10 in 60 territories and the #1-spot in Denmark and nine different countries.

It’s been 13 years — and more than 2,5 billion streams worldwide with touring across Europe and Asia several times latest headlining Seoul Jazz Festival in Korea 2023 — since a determined young man literally took the stage for the first time. And he never looked back. Against the odds, Christopher has made the cliché story of a pop star a truly remarkable journey of his own — one, that seems to have just begun.


Christopher is a Danish singer. He was born January 31st, 1992 and grew up in Tårnby, Copenhagen.

He debuted at the age of 19 with the single ‘Against the Odds’ (2010). Since then, every official single released by Christopher has been certified Gold or Platinum-status in Denmark.

In 2012 he won his first Danish Music Award as “Innovator of the Year.” Presented by Spotify the award acknowledged his unique use of Social Media and way of communicating with fans online. Christopher has won numerous prestigious awards over the years including four Danish Music Awards, “Most Promising International Artist” at the Chinese Music Awards and SCTV Awards in Indonesia and he is a two-time winner of the MTV EMA for “Best Danish Artist.”

Christopher has become a multi-platinum selling artist in Asia, hitting the charts in countries like South Korea, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan along with a remarkable hit-record of 12 #1-hits on the official Chinese QQ Music Chart.

Christopher has released five studio albums: ‘Colours’ (2012), ‘Told You So’ (2014), ‘Closer’ (2016), ‘Under the Surface’ (2019) and ‘My Blood’ (2021).

In 2023 Christopher debuted in his first ever leading role as an actor in the Netflix-film, ‘A Beautiful Life.’ In its opening week, ‘A Beautiful Life’ charted as the #1 movie on Netflix, globally. Christopher also wrote and recorded the widely popular original soundtrack for the film.

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