Free dance party in the Upstairs Lounge!

Friday, February 10

02-10-2023 Meet Me Upstairs

Meet Me Upstairs Presents:
9PM Doors | 9PM Show

Meet Me Upstairs is a free, weekly dance party held Fridays within the heavens (aka the Upstairs Lounge) at Schubas from 9pm to 1am. Every week features a different DJ, showcasing the breadth of unique DJing styles that define Chicago’s dance music scene.

You may find your body whisking through an aromatic splendor. Notes of flavor springing from the freshest catches to the most finely aged morsels. The batter meets the griddle, the butter waives the knife, and within the din, a sanctuary banquet coalesces. Serving up their rotating menu of sizzling selections, it is none other than DJ Kitchen. A product of Chicago rock group Space Gators and their love for sharing tunes, DJ Kitchen serves up the vibes with an all-vinyl set, garnished with curated digital samples. This Friday, your chefs will be DJ StoryThyme and DJ Rush.

This show is at Schubas

Building Image

3159 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-2508