Saturday, June 24

06-24-2023 dazegxd + gum.mp3+ Swami Sound

Audiotree Presents:
8PM Doors | 8PM Show
Lincoln Hall

Dazegxd is spearheading the DIY dance music movement through live events, an abundance of new releases, and a leading role at aritst collective and record label, Eldia. Through Dazegxd’s variety of ventures and collaborations, they hope to introduce people to the jungle, drum n bass, and house music, as well as contribute to the genres as much as they’ve impacted him. Pitchfork writes that Dazegxd “melds a variety of different electronic subgenres into a bright and tender sound” and The FADER adds, “The New York-based producer and DJ’s playful approach prioritizes fluidity and vibrancy.”

gum.mp3 (fka Dirty Bird) is from rural North Carolina, but his map coordinates are in constant flux. After a stint at NYU, where he was a Studio Art major, and Martin Wong Scholarship recipient headed toward a teaching career, he’s now been freed up, given the momentum, to chase his musical passions.

So how does one describe the music of gum.mp3? The shorthand would be house meets garage, but as he’ll tell you, he’s fusing regional flavors of dance music with elements of funk and jazz to assess different chunks of black music history and genealogy under a futurist agenda. Or, as Bandcamp said so well, “Dirty Bird—a self-described noise machine, digital pirate, and technomancer—embodies the spirit of Akomfrah’s Data Thief in both his music and his persona, acting as a connector for different elements of Black dance music history.”

gum.mp3 is known to show up to a city with his crew (including rising NYC stars Swami Sound, and Dazegxd) for 3-4 gigs at a time, outlining a multi-mile radius of dance music positivity that resonates for days. Office Magazine captured him in his busyness: …“if the 8 albums and soon-to-be 7 EPs he’s put out in 4 years of professional musicianship say anything, it’s that Dirty Bird is no stranger to the grind such a hectic day-to-day makes convincingly apparent.”

Amidst all this output, 2022’s “The Question” officially put him on the map. Pitchfork described the song as “a funky slice of house music, incorporating guitar, bass, and drums to create a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place in a sweaty, blue-lit nightclub.”

In an era of constant communication, he uses his social channels to throw witticisms about cars, Gore-Tex, postmodern literature, and more. All of it makes sense in some grand design. The word polymath gets thrown around often, but go to his website, and you’ll find him at the helm of Gum Studio, collaborating with a community of artists on animations, clothing, and handmade CDs. All of it adding up to a cohesive whole.

Synthesizing two-step with a New York City sheen — the Bronx born, NY-based DJ, producer, and artist Swami Sound has made his presence known by enticing listeners and clubgoers globally with his distinct take on Garage music. Having distinguished himself from the UKG scene, the self-proclaimed NYC Garage (still pronounced gar-ridge) has had his ascent chronicled in DJ Mag, Mixmag, Soundcloud and beyond. Bolstered by beloved collaborators and supporters, Swami stands at the edge of this present, stirring era of dance music.

This show is at Lincoln Hall

Building Image
Lincoln Hall

2424 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 525-2501

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