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Ruen Brothers


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Whether it’s their collaboration with the legendary producer Rick Rubin, kudos from the likes ofZane Lowe and the BBC, or a string of memorable performances from the hills of Glastonbury tothe deserts of Coachella, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter siblings Henry and RupertStansall, known by their amalgam-created moniker Ruen Brothers, are making a mark with athrowback rock and roll sound that intersects the early days of the genre witha dynamic presentday act. The two have gone from sleepy English steel town obscurity to craft-smiths ready tomake a global impact.

Inspired by their music aficionado father who raised the duo on a steady diet of The RollingStones and The Everly Brothers, the two would rehearse in the family kitchen while scroungingfor gigs in their blue-collar hometown of Scunthorpe, England. Laughs Rupert, “We’d walk intopubs and clubs as kids and ask the owner if we could play something for the local drunks at 2pm.

”It wasn’t until a move to London and the success of their track “Aces,” a song recorded in theirstudio apartment, that the boys from Scunthorpe went from pub performers to BBC radio staples.The brothers quickly collected a global audience of fans, none more influential than iconicproducer Rick Rubin, who quickly recognized their talent and promptly took the brothers underhis wing. “I liked that their songwriting seemed like it was from another era,” explains Rubin.“It’s making something new again withthese traditional influences.”

Henry adds, “The album was recorded using all real instruments and a live band, resulting in adifferent sound than what’s present in much of today’s popular music.” Adds Rupert of thecollaboration, “It was incredibly exciting -he’s worked with some of our favorite artists of alltime and is such a versatile producer. He helped us recognize the strength of Henry and I playingand singing together; it was a foundation to build upon and the guidance we needed.”

The brothers’ artistic background and pedigree come into full focus on their debut studio albumALL MY SHADES OF BLUE (out 6/01 via Ramseur), produced by Rubin and featuring Henry onacoustic guitar and Rupert on electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, and bass. The album alsoincludes the talents of such boldface names as Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ondrums, along with The Killers’ Dave Keuning on strings and Faces and Small Faces legend IanMcLagan on keyboards. The record features both music and lyrics written by the boysthroughout their improbable journey. Says Rupert, speaking about both the album and the duo’sentire career, “We’re very lucky in the sense that we’ve been able to do whatever we’ve wantedmusically and had it all recorded to the best quality with the best musicians and collaborators. Intoday’s industry, you don’t usually get that freedom. If nothing else, we’re making the music wewant to make and that’s enough for me. Hopefully people will appreciate and enjoy it as much aswe do.”

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